3 Benefits to our Induction and Driver Training Programme

Posted by Joe

At Cargo Express, we deliver to 162 customers worldwide, and we recognise how important it is for our drivers to be prepared when on the road.

We are proud to announce the introduction of our new induction and driver training programme, which has been developed to ensure our drivers remain safe and proficient in our vehicles, whilst also improving our customer’s experience.

Neil Buckley, Compliance Manager states:

“This new procedure and program will ensure that all drivers entering one of our vehicles are being assessed to the highest standard and provided with the best training possible. The aim is to develop on the quality and standard we already have, while raising the bar in compliance, safety and training to our workforce, current and new.”

Below, we’ve listed three top benefits to our programme:

Allows for better quality drivers for our customers 

Before setting foot in any vehicle, all new drivers will be subject to a rigorous and thorough training assessment program to ensure as best as possible that they are competent to drive in our vehicles.

The assessment includes ensuring they understand company policies and procedures, training on the uses of various ancillary equipment, a practical driving assessment and tests on EU and WTD drivers’ hours and legislation. This means that all drivers will be better prepared to provide you with the best quality service.

Helps our already top drivers with training and constant development 

Current drivers will also benefit from this new program as they will be required to undergo periodic training with a variety of focus points, ranging from vehicle checks and maintenance, to fuel consumption analysis. This will provide them with the opportunity for continued development and growth as drivers.

Encourages colleagues to discuss their own experiences 

Our new programme also encourages colleagues to discuss their own experience with other drivers. For example, the team at Scania will be attending onsite to provide further training and development for certain members of staff, including John Taylor and Sabra Hussain.

John and Sabra are some of our most highly experienced drivers, and will be able to pass down expertise from the team Scania, as well as information about their experiences, with our team here at Cargo Express. This will also be beneficial for new drivers, as it will allow them to learn more about their environment from their more experienced colleagues. 

Cargo Express 

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