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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Logistics Company

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Logistics plays an important role in supply chain management and choosing the right provider will determine the effectiveness, reliability and efficiency of your operation. Here are our top five tips for choosing the right logistic company for your business needs.

1. Your Requirements

It goes without saying that logistics companies should have a track record of providing high quality, safe and efficient service. They should also have expertise in the areas that meet your short and long term needs, whether it’s handling materials, order fulfilment, inventory management or outbound transportation.

2. Customer Service

You’ll want to choose a logistics provider that prioritises customer service and provides honest and accurate information in real-time. Even if a logistics operation is exceptional, there still may be urgent issues that will need a quick, effective and responsive solution.

3. Health and Safety

Safety should be one of the most important considerations in warehousing and logistics. Finding a service that takes priority in keeping material, drivers and vehicles safe and secure, while maintaining a team of fully trained staff, will give you peace of mind in knowing that your products are in capable hands.

4. Technology

In order to stay as competitive as possible, logistics companies should have top of the range of IT equipment and systems in place. An internet-based satellite tracking link, for example, will enable you to track your material and give you complete transparency at all times.


Getting some insight into the reputation of a prospective logistics company will answer questions on what they’ll be like as a partner. You should be able to find online reviews and testimonials about the service, which should indicate exactly what you should expect from them. Interested in partnering with a safe and reliable logistics provider? Contact the experts for a free quote today.

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We choose to use Cargo Express for our transport needs because their pricing is competitive, and speed of response is very good. I have found Callum, Gavin and Joseph very easy to work with in finding ways to co-load to ensure we keep within our customers budgets. Communication is absolutely brilliant and the team are friendly and helpful on the phone.
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We have dealt with Cargo Express for over 20 years, and have found them to be supportive, diligent, and proactive – which in today’s changing world when shipping and accompanying documentation become even more challenging; has helped us continue to offer good levels of service to our customers, whilst continuing to have an excellent relationship with Cargo’s management and logistics team.
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Our customers need Nuttalls to be flexible, reactive and most importantly on time. We demand the same from our supply chain and Cargo Express are a partner that achieves and demonstrates these requirements day in, day out. The nature of our business involves last minute changes and vehicles requested at short notice, Cargo always make it happen, remaining professional and reliable throughout.
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The service we have had from the team at Cargo Express has been excellent with very competitive rates. The drivers have always been reliable and friendly which is critical to support our own service levels to clients. Regardless of where they pick up from or deliver to, they are always on time and nothing is too much to ask.
Cargo Express
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Outstanding reliability is one of many ways I would describe Cargo Express, they take on the challenges when situations require a quick response and help out with regular transport and storage of materials in their warehouse, efficient teamwork and really good communication. I really enjoy working with everyone.
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We have been using Cargo Express vehicles for over 10 years. They are always reliable, responsive and deliver an excellent service for all our needs.
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