Safety & Security – Trusted Logistics Service

Cargo Express, a Trusted Logistics Service.

Cargo Express are a Green OCRS (Operator Compliant Risk Score) Time Critical Transport Company. We take priority in keeping Material, Drivers and Vehicles SAFE and SECURE.

We are proud to be a Trusted Logistics Service, with a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Accreditation for three years running. Going above and beyond the Legal standard, Cargo Express ensure we do everything required, and more, in order to maintain our high levels of Vehicle Safety performance as well as Driver Compliance.

We have an in-house work shop with fully trained staff, including a dedicated Fleet Manager, ensuring our Vehicles are always running to the highest standard expected of a Trusted Logistic Service.

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Vehicles - Integrated Logistics

As part of our Integrated Logistics Service, we have over 90 owned Vehicles on the road at any time: Click Here to View our Fleet.

Whether in our in-house work shop, or outsourced to more specialised garages, we inspect and maintain Vehicles above and beyond the Legal Standard.

Cargo Express ensure all Vehicles are inspected every 5 weeks, a week earlier than the Legal Requirement set out in the “DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Guide to Roadworthiness”- Trailers are inspected every 8 weeks, four weeks earlier than the Legal Requirement.

Safety and security are crucial for delivering material day in and day out as part of our Integrated Logistics Service.

Vehicles below 3.5 tonnes are also inspected every 8 weeks, although there is no Legal Requirement, we have pride in our Fleet and want to ensure they are to the best possible standard.

Walk around checks on Vehicles are completed by Drivers at the beginning and end of each shift, electronically sending every report to the transport team to analyse. These reports also sync to the Driver’s tachograph records to provide transparency to everyone looking into our Integrated Logistics Vehicle Safety.

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Drivers - Heavy Goods Transport

All Drivers are assessed and inducted before setting foot in any of our Heavy Goods Transport Vehicles.

With only the best Drivers joining our team, all abide by the EU Tachograph and working Regulations laid down in the EC Regulation (EC561/2006) Rules.

Cargo Express provide all Drivers with the opportunity to renew their CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Training, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with the Laws and have clear understanding of how to be safe while working and on the road with Heavy Goods Transport. Many members of Staff are also International CPC Compliant, with regular training sessions provided by Cargo Express.

Drivers are trained through the Drive Compliance Reporting System (DCRS) to ensure EU Tachograph and working Regulations are kept to the highest standard.

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Customer Goods - Time Critical Transport

After driver and vehicle safety, the customer goods are priority. Making sure material is in the same condition from the moment it is collected to the moment it is delivered.

Material is always strapped and secured by drivers as part of their legal duty to ensure the safety of the load.

Vehicles are maintained and inspected to a high standard, ensuring once goods are collected, they are travelling in the most secure possible manner.

Goods that enter our warehouses are scanned and identified, with weighing scales available to ensure they are loaded onto the most appropriate vehicle for our clients.

Our customers are welcome to visit and inspect our warehouses and vehicles for ease of mind that their product is in safe and secure hands.


Established in 1985, Cargo Express are a UK leading Logistic Company, who design and implement flexible, efficient and industry-leading solutions specifically tailored for each of our Clients.

24 hours a day 7 days a week, our trained and skilled Transport Managers are on call to assist with customer requirements, providing UK and European Logistic and Transport solutions to ensures our customers receive maximum benefit from an integrated Logistics and Time Critical Transport solution.

Cargo Express take pride in the knowledge and understanding of Customer’s requirements, providing honest and accurate information for all Transport and Logistics, Pallet and Consignments and Warehouse Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

FORS accreditation shows that Cargo Express achieve exemplary levels of practice, in safety, efficiency and environmental protection. We are audited annually by FORS to make sure we are still providing this impeccable service.

We provide our drivers with a safety induction at the beginning of their time at Cargo Express, this is regularly reviewed and done. We provide drivers with CPC training at our cost, as well as management international CPC training for our office staff. Our fork lift drivers are also put through regular training and tests. We frequently put our best and most dedicated drivers through their various C1, C and C+E tests.

We are proud of our long standing and maintained green OCRS score, this stands for, “Operator Compliance Risk Score” which is used to calculate the risk of an operator and their general road-worthiness by the DVSA.

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